Love is found amongst a hidden gem, a secret garden tucked away in Pensacola, FL. Supposey Warehouse and Gardens provided a perfect backdrop for Juliana and Miguel’s fairytale wedding. The lush greenery, the blooming flowers, it was like something out of a dream.

The entire week was spent prepping for the inclement weather that was predicted for their Pensacola wedding. And just like a dream, the weather miraculously held up, giving us the perfect canvas to work with. The Lord truly worked a miracle for this sweet couple.

bride and groom walk through Supposey Garden

In the bridal suite, wedding day preparations were just finishing. As Juliana descended the staircase, her eyes sparkled with joy and anticipation. Haley Guerney and Hair by Sweet truly brought out the best in Juliana, highlighting her natural beauty.

At the bottom of the staircase Juliana and her mother shared a heartwarming moment. Fighting back tears, her mother zipped up her dress from Bliss Bridal and adorned Juliana with a beautiful tiara and veil. The Spanish-inspired veil and tiara added a touch of tradition and charm, perfectly complementing the couple’s heritage. The entire atmosphere in the bridal suite was filled with love and excitement, making it a joy to capture

After morning preparations and a few photos in the courtyard, the ceremony was held in Supposey’s elegant ballroom. As guests stepped into the stunning venue, Marvelous Strings set the perfect tone with their live string music.

After the ceremony, we took photos in Supposey’s courtyard. The golden hour light bathed Juliana and Miguel in a warm glow, creating a beautiful atmosphere that was reflected in every photograph and video we took.

men and women stand in a line
bride and groom kiss

As the reception began, we were met with the delicious aroma of appetizers by Culinary productions, and the sound of laughter and chatter added a joyful hum to the evening. It was a moment frozen in time, where the couple basked in the glow of their love, surrounded by the warmth of their family and friends. After dinner came to a close, Roger Martinez drew everyone to the dance floor where all of the couples’s guests danced all night long.

And as the night drew to a close, the couple made their grand exit in the Posey Cab, the perfect ending to a perfect day. It was a moment of pure bliss, where the couple’s love shone brighter than any star in the sky, a love that will stand the test of time, captured forever.

The Wedding Teaser Film

The Dream Team (aka wedding vendors)

Venue: Supposey Warehouse and Gardens
Makeup: Gulf Coast Glam House
Hair: Hair by Sweet
Photography: Higgins Photo and Film
Videography: Higgins Photo and Film
Florals: Chrissy Florals
Ceremony Music: Marvelous Strings
Catering: Culinary Productions
Bar: Richey’s East
Cake: Cake by Sweet Hands
Reception DJ: Roger Martinez

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